Best CBD Oils for Pain Relief

25 Best CBD Oils for Pain Relief

It’s not easy living with pain. Whether you suffer from muscle spasms, chronic pain or arthritis finding a solution to help deal with that pain can mean the difference between a pleasant day where you can function to a nightmare of a day, just waiting to end.

Over the last couple of years, CBD oil has become a popular form of treatment for pain management. It is currently thought to be so effective, that more and more doctors are recommending it instead of traditional pain killers. The major advantage of CBD oil compared to cannabis is that it doesn’t cause the “high” feeling, and is therefore permitted in most places. (This obviously depends on the type of extraction and where you are located).

With so many companies popping up every day, we’ve done the hard work for you. We bring you the complete CBD oil guide and the top 25 brands that made our list based on CBD quality, effectiveness, customer service and of course price.

CBD Oil for Pain Relief

Cannabidiol (CBD) is now used globally for a variety of medical conditions including pain relief. This is following numerous studies proving that CBD oil can have an extremely positive impact on pain management. It has also become an alternative to those who suffer from more severe forms of pain and are forced to use opioids.

It’s important to note that CBD oil isn’t approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for any medical condition, which means that the products discussed and statements made in this article have also not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Even without the FDA’s review, CBD has been receiving a significant amount of attention, even being featured on some of the top news networks who have all praised its achievements.

For example, Elixinol, currently classed as one of the worlds top CBD Oil manufacturers, has been featured numerous times in the media on sites such as CNN, The Wall Street Journal and even in health magazines such as Men’s Health.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Apart from the fact that CBD Oil drops are extremely effective, they are also very easy to take. You simply place a few drops under your tongue and they are instantly absorbed into your system. The exact consumption methods are written on the CBD oil package, and you should always consult these prior to taking CBD.

CBD Oil is known to help treat other conditions that are related to pain. For example depression, anxiety relief, fibromyalgia, and even things like fear and stress have been shown to be responsive to CBD. Most importantly, those who suffer from chronic pain have claimed that it helps them sleep.

While the results from taking CBD oil will vary for everyone, many people’s lives have been changed for the better because of CBD:

“I have been suffering from chronic pain in my legs for years. I often find it hard to sleep. CBD oil helps with the pain management, especially as it is impossible to obtain marijuana in my state.” – Kate Summers

“I find the amount I’m taking has helped me a lot with my chronic low back pain and aching knees. I am taking far fewer opioids than before, and CBD oil has got me back on track.” – Jeff Freedman

“I had never even heard about CBD oil up until a couple of months ago. Since I’ve started treatment it has changed my life. Thank you for all the help and good vibes!!!” – Sophie Samson

How to Know if you Need CBD for Pain

To be clear, there is no one specific test, scan, or anything else of the sort that you can do to determine whether or not you need CBD oil for pain. Also, since cannabis is not yet recognized by the FDA, you unfortunately can’t really go to your doctor either and have them recommend it; until marijuana is FDA-approved, it cannot be prescribed by physicians.

So what gives, then — how are you supposed to know if you need CBD for pain? Well, ask yourself the following very simple questions:

1.     Are you in pain?

2.     Are your current medications working for you?

If the answer to these questions was ‘yes’ and ‘no,’ respectively, then CBD oil for pain may very well be a legitimate option for you that’s worth checking out.

In fact, the vast majority of current CBD users ended up switching over to the cannabis-based therapy after getting fed up with their useless, expensive, and often times side-effect inducing prescription meds. And since like we mentioned you’re not going to get a recommendation from your physician, you’re likely going to have to take it upon yourself to make the switch.

However, switching to CBD oil from a conventional medication is far from a random stab in the dark. In fact, there was a large scale (and very well-documented) survey carried out less than two years ago that looked at precisely what percentage of patients were able to “swap” their side effect-inducing meds for a 100% natural, cannabis-based therapy.

In short, the results of the survey (which were published on HelloMD and in the Journal of Pain Research) showed that roughly 42% and 46% (respectively) of participants claimed they were able to use cannabis in place of traditional medical to effectively treat their specific medical ailment. So if you’re wondering how to know if you need CBD for pain, just understand that you’re certainly not alone when considering whether or not to make the switch.

Medical Research and CBD Oil

Numerous studies have shown that CBD can help treat a variety of medical conditions. The most well-known studies have been conducted around cancer and seizures, but other studies have also shown very promising results.

A 2011 study that focused on CBD treatment for fibromyalgia, for example, showed very promising results. 56 of 112 participants who took CBD saw a great reduction in their symptoms and overall measure of pain, while those using traditional methods hardly saw any improvement.

Moreover, scientists at the Cajal Institute showed promising results a few years back in regards to CBD and Multiple Sclerosis. They used animal models and cell cultures to find that CBD reversed inflammatory responses; within only ten days, mice that were used in the study had superior motor skills and showed progression in their condition.

However cancer, seizures, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis are far from the only medical conditions that research has shown CBD oil to be effective on. To date, there have been well over 20,000 published scientific articles on cannabinoids and their related effects on all sorts of medical ailments.

Generalized pain, for instance, has dozens upon dozens of high profile research and clinical studies that have been carried out in universities and laboratories around the globe. One of the most well-publicized of these studies took place back in 2008, in which results determined that “cannabinoid analgesics (pain relievers) have generally been well tolerated in clinical trials … with acceptable adverse event profiles (meaning acceptable effectiveness for practical use).

Moreover, a patient survey conducted by Project CBD, which is the world’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to making cannabis research transparent to the public, declared that “…cannabis appears to be an effective pain management tool with few negative side effects.” The study went on to say that a “…significant decrease in opiate usage among elderly patients while taking medical cannabis [was observed during trial].” In short, it has been portrayed clearly numerous times through valid and well-publicized clinical studies that cannabis is a practical option in terms of efficient pain management.

And the same can indeed be said for dozens of other ailments as well. Project CBD lists nearly two dozen published studies that have been carried out on CBD as a potential treatment for anxiety, with every one of them producing positive results in favor of cannabis as a potentially efficient long-term treatment.

Likewise, another 14 high profile studies have been carried out on CBD as a treatment for depression, 11 on CBD for insomnia and other sleep disorders, 14 on CBD for diabetes and so on and so forth. In short, there is literally no shortage of medical research or scientific evidence on cannabidiol as a potential treatment for dozens upon dozens of medical disorders and challenges.

Why CBD is Replacing Traditional Medicine as a Pain Reliever

You are likely very familiar with the dangers that prescription painkillers (and other pharmaceuticals) present. In fact, it’s estimated that the majority of CBD oil users attempt to switch to the all-natural therapy for the precise reason of kicking prescription med habits, which all too often cause an overwhelming array of irritability, sleep disruption, digestive complications, and even thoughts of suicide.

Ultimately, the reason why CBD for chronic pain has become so incredibly popular among patients is because of the fact that it has minimal side-effects. Even highly respected entities like the World Health Organization (WHO) have come right out and said that it is safe, well tolerated, and “not associated with any significant adverse public health effects.”

Moreover, they have also claimed out and out that it is “not associated with abuse potential, does not induce physical dependence, [and] is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile.”

In addition to CBD’s astounding safety levels, it is also no slouch when it comes to actually reducing pain. In fact, it’s no secret that the U.S. Government holds a patent on the compound as both an antioxidant and a neuroprotectant capable of helping with conditions like fibromyalgia, ALS, and multiple sclerosis, just to name a few.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, or even the U.S. Government’s: according to WHO, CBD oil “has been demonstrated as an effective treatment for epilepsy … [and there exists] preliminary evidence that CBD may be a useful treatment for a number of other medical conditions…”

That right there is proof in the pudding that CBD for pain management is a truly beneficial treatment method, fully capable of freeing millions of individuals from the agonies (and not to mention high costs) of pharmaceutical drug use.

CBD Oil for Pain: Side Effects

Truth be told, one of the biggest draws to using CBD oil for pain has been the fact that it has little distinguishable side-effects or contraindications with other medications. In fact, in a massive report that was published by the World Health Organization during last year’s 2017 Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, it was (finally) declared to the world that CBD is a “safe, well tolerated [compound, which] is not associated with any significant adverse public health effects.”

But come on — this has to be too good to be true, right?

Indeed, if you dig a little deeper you will find that CBD oil does have “one or two” potentially negative side effects. But they are absolutely nothing compared to the serious side effects that come routine with pharmaceutical drug use.

For example, one of the noted “side effects” of CBD oil for pain is dry mouth. Yep, that’s right – dry mouth. A side effect that can be countered with an act as simple as drinking a cup of water before and after taking the oil.

Other potential side effects include low blood pressure, lightheadedness, and drowsiness, but these have typically only occurred in patients who have exceeded doses of 1,500 mg daily for a period of 4 weeks or more; far more than the average person will need take on a daily basis for chronic pain symptoms. (In fact, the majority of CBD users claim they find an effective dose to be anywhere between 10 and 40 mg daily).

In short, if you’re wondering whether or not taking CBD oil for pain will produce any negative side effects or contraindications, studies have shown and state that they are minimal, meaning you probably have nothing to worry about. However, please bear in mind that we are certainly not physicians, and this should by no means be taken as medical advice. You should do the research.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil

What is CBD oil produced from?

Most companies that produce CBD oil extract it from hemp, leaves, stalks, and flowers. The most common extraction method is called CO2.

Is CBD oil Legal?

Since it started becoming popular roughly two years or so ago, the general consensus has always been that since CBD oil from top brands does not contain the psychoactive properties of THC, it is therefore legal. Unfortunately, its legality is much more nuanced because of conflicting federal laws and new court cases. What is clear is that in one of the most recent court decisions on the topic, Hemp Industries Assoc. v. DEA, which came out on April 30, 2018, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit found that Section 7606 of the 2014 US Farm Bill (the “Farm Bill”) preempts the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), the federal law which designates marijuana as a Schedule I substance (along with heroin and cocaine) making it illegal to possess or use. This means that when there is conflict between the CSA and the Farm Bill, the Farm Bill wins out.

This is good news for CBD because the Farm Bill allows for the legal cultivation of industrial hemp, under certain circumstances, which can be a source of CBD. But CBD can also come from non-industrial hemp, namely the marijuana plant that most are more familiar with. Therefore, whether or not CBD oil for pain is legal can be a question of which “version” of the cannabis plant it was sourced from. If it was sourced from industrial hemp, (which contains less than 0.3% THC by volume), and it was cultivated under the Farm Bill, then it is legal.

However, if it was sourced from actual marijuana (i.e. cannabis that contains more than 2% THC by volume), then it is technically illegal. Most of the CBD oil for pain that you find in dispensaries in states like Colorado, California, and Washington (as well as other states where weed is legal) will have been extracted from marijuana plants — not industrial hemp plants. Unfortunately, this means that these products are not allowed to be sold online and shipped across state lines to “non-legal” states.

However, like we just mentioned CBD oil for pain management that has been sourced from industrial hemp grown under the farm bill is in fact legal to buy and sell. The majority of the CBD brands that we cover here on this site, claim to extract their concentrates from U.S.-based industrial hemp supplies, which if true, are 100% legal since they contain negligible amounts of THC.

The important thing is that you have to be SUPER careful when selecting CBD oils. Since the cannabis industry is not FDA-regulated, there have been dozens and dozens of companies trying to get away with selling very low quality (and even potentially toxic), “snake oils” that have been extracted using harsh chemical solvents like butane and hexane. Make sure you stay away from cheap products like these, as they likely won’t work very well and more importantly, they could be damaging to your health.

Instead, what you want to look for is a quality CBD oil that has been extracted only with pressurized CO2 equipment. This provides for the most high-grade medicinal CBD concentrate, and leaves virtually zero traces of chemical residue.

Do you need a doctors recommendation to purchase CBD oil?

This depends entirely on the state that you live in . Generally speaking, if you are looking to obtain a full spectrum oil that contains THC, you will only be able to do so if you live in a recreational or medical state. To date, there are only nine recreational states and 20 states where cannabis has been legalized on a medical level.  These types of oils will often require an MMJ card or recommendation from your doctor to buy. CBD oil, on the other hand, is a different story. Especially if you are purchasing CBD that has been extracted from hemp. As of now CBD oil that contains less than 0.3% THC, is legal to buy, sell and shop to all 50 states. CBD that has been made under the Farm Bill is available for purchase without a doctors recommendation.

How long does it take for the CBD to take effect?

This depends on the person, but factors like extract and dosage play a big part . In general, at the right dosage, it typically takes between 20 and 30 minutes for the CBD effects to be noticeable. It also depends on why you are taking the CBD oil and for what medical condition.

How Does CBD Work in the Body?

CBD works in the body by activating receptors and neurotransmitters through a complex network of endogenous cannabinoids called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Unlike THC, which primarily binds to CB-1 receptors located in the brain, CBD works in the body by manipulating receptors throughout organ tissues, the immune system, the pain response system, the hormonal system, and other whole-body regulatory systems. Basically, since its receptors have been found to exist in virtually every cell and tissue type in the body, CBD is believed to work on every aspect of human health and behavior – from the subcellular level to the whole-body leve and beyond.

Also, since it affects different receptors than THC (i.e. receptors that are located outside the brain), CBD does NOT produce any mind-altering effects. In other words, you do not have to worry about getting high when you take CBD oil.

In fact, CBD is therapeutic in nature, and will work to manipulate bodily systems at the cellular level to return afflicted organ systems, tissue systems, and even chemical systems in the central nervous system back to a state of health and homeostasis. This is precisely why it has been capable of treating everything from mental disorders like depression and anxiety, to chronic physical ailments such as pain, inflammation, arthritis, diabetes, and a host of other medical ailments.

What does CBD help with?

The FDA does not permit us to use anecdotal evidence to affirm that CBD can have beneficial (and often curative) effects on a variety of serious conditions and diseases. That being said, we have many users who take CBD oil and report that it helps them with the challenges those conditions present. Our users suffer from a range of medical challenges including:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Anorexia
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Epilepsy (seizures)
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Inflammation from various conditions
  • Insomnia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Nausea (emesis)
  • Obesity
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Schizophrenia
  • Tourette’s syndrome

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain

If you’re wondering how to use CBD oil for pain, then you’re not alone; it is probably one of the most common questions that we get here at CBDisEverything.

However, be advised that there is no single right or wrong way to go about it, as some people have excellent results with CBD creams or other topicals for arthritic joint pain, while others find sublingual (under the tongue) drops to be the most effective for treating other forms of pain.

In general, the majority of people end up using higher-strength products for pain than they would for things like anxiety, stress, or depression. The majority of CBD oil manufacturers offer tinctures in three different “potencies,” usually in 100, 300, or 600 mg options. Many people start on a middle ground with a 300 mg option, and work your way up from there, but it is extremely important to consult with the brand you are purchasing from before consumption.

The key is to effectively gauge exactly how much CBD oil it takes to start managing your pain. If you start off right away with a maximum dose of a 600 mg tincture, you will have no idea how much of the product it actually took to treat your condition, and how much you wasted (this is also important because you do not want to exceed dosage and end up developing a tolerance to the active cannabinoids).

If your intention is to treat chronic pain (i.e. back pain, neuropathy, muscle soreness, etc), then you may want to start out with a lower dose, and then proceed from there. If you notice effective results, you can downsize the dose, or likewise you can always up the dose until positive results are achieved. The key is to only increase your dosage in small increments so that you are able to pinpoint exactly how much CBD oil it takes to treat your condition. Be advised, though, that you should not exceed the recommended daily doses that are listed on the bottle and you should consult with a physician.

Are There Other Options if you Can’t Use CBD Oil for Pain?

Unfortunately, some people either can’t use CBD oil for pain (i.e. they may not want to hold the oil under their tongue before swallowing), or they simply haven’t found it to be effective. Fortunately, there are several other options out there in terms of ways of administering the cannabis-based therapy. In other words, CBD can come in a variety of “formats” other than oil.

For instance, topical CBD creams are one of the most popular (and effective) choices for arthritis and other forms of localized pain and inflammation. Since the skin acts as an excellent semi-permeable membrane that “let’s the good stuff and keeps the bad stuff out,” rubbing CBD-infused creams (or salves, ointments, etc) into the affected area has proved to be highly effective in terms of both pain and inflammation reduction.

Likewise, CBD gummies and other CBD edibles are a great option that many people prefer over CBD oils for a variety of reasons (one of which is simply because they taste a lot better!). Also, it is true that CBD edibles can potentially pack a more “potent” punch than their oil/tincture counterparts, so this may be something to consider if you’ve been having a hard time achieving results with a sublingual (under the tongue) oil).

And lastly, vaping CBD oil with a vape pen has been another extremely effective method of using cannabidiol as a pain relief therapy for some users. While it’s not typically regarded as being stronger or “more potent” than CBD oil, it is well-regarded to be a lot faster acting. After just a few puffs of a quality CBD e-liquid, for example, you’ll likely start noticing therapeutic effects in as little as 15 minutes.

So without further ado, here are the…

25 Best CBD Oils for Pain Relief

#1 – Pure Kana Natural CBD Oil

PureKana is a unique company that has been helping thousands of patients located all across the U.S with its CBD oil drops. They have been featured on numerous major sites including HERB and High Times and were even voted as one of the BEST Pure CBD Oil producers of 2017.

Unlike other CBD oils, PureKana really does excel in CBD oil extractions due to their unique CO2 extraction process which provides a near 99% pure CBD oil. PureKana Natural CBD Oil is an unflavored, dietary and nutritional supplement for increased health and vitality. It is extremely effective in treating chronic pain, inflammation, swelling, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Key Features Include:

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive (only trace amounts of THC .05%)
  • 3rd party laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • Products price range ($48.00 – $139.00) depending on potency
  • They are always running special promotions on their website.
  • Deliver to your doorstep (All 50 states)

To view their full list of products and special offers visit them at

Oh; and don’t forget to use our 5% coupon code: 5OFFCBD1 if you’re thinking of picking up a bottle.

#2 – Green Roads CBD (350 mg)

Listed #2 on our list is Green Roads. This company is another powerhouse in the CBD oil industry due to their extremely effective products that provide an immediate response. The good thing about Green Roads is that their CBD oil can be consumed through Oral use or by vaping.

The 350MG CBD OIL is a sublingual and vapeable oil that is vegetable glycerin based, infused with pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD). This medium dosage of CBD has been used by consumers suffering from epilepsy, addiction, anxiety, depression, stress, lack of focus, and pain.

Key Features:

  • Maximum Potency
  • Compounded by a Licensed Pharmacist
  • Highly Concentrated CBD
  • CBD Oils Price Range ($26-$64) depending on potency

Need more details about Green Roads CBD 350, you can visit their site at

#3 – CBD Essence: Medicinal Grade Hemp Extraction

Some people say that CBD Essence’s tincture is the absolute best CBD hemp oil for pain and anxiety, and it may just be true given the fact that they offer and “advanced and natural formula” that’s based off unique extraction processes and state-of-the-art technology — not to mention a team of pharmacists.

Their range of CBD oils are what’s called “full-spectrum,” meaning in addition to the active CBD component, they contain other important ingredients from the cannabis plant (such as terpenes and flavonoids). However, it’s important to understand that their products are 100% THC-free, meaning they don’t produce any high at all.

In addition to their range of tinctures (which come in 150, 300, and 600 mg options), they also offer hemp edibles, capsules, pastes, vape liquids, topicals, and pet care products. You can check out their full range of CBD options on their official site:

Price range: $62-$204 (depending on the potency)

#4 – CBD Pure – 100, 300, or 600 mg Lab-Tested Hemp Oil

CBD Pure hasn’t received the high-profile accolades as some of the other brands like PureKana and Elixinol, but make no mistake – they manufacture one of best pain reliever CBD tinctures on the market.

Moreover, they use 3rd party lab testing to verify that every batch has perfect cannabinoid profiling, is pesticide-free, and is free of any harmful microorganisms or pathogens that may have been present as bacteria or fungi in the raw hemp material.

Here are the CBD oils that they currently have on offer:

  • 100 mg Hemp oil extract
  • 300 mg Hemp oil extract
  • 600 mg Hemp oil extract

Also, being a relatively small company you can expect that their customer service is second to none – if you have any questions at all about anything, you can get in touch with them. CBDPure offers a great product for a reasonable price ($24-$69)

Feel free to browse their range of CBD oils (and even check out the lab analysis report from SC Labs) here through their online store:

#5 – Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract, 500 mg, CBD, 1oz

We all know of Charlotte’s Web; the miracle strain that is packed with a high concentration of CBD. The Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain was named after Charlotte Figi, who suffers from Dravet syndrome and was experiencing several seizures daily until the Stanley Brothers came up with this powerful strain. Since then, Charlotte’s web has been morphed into various products, including their famous CBD oil.

Key Features include:

  • As a whole plant extract, CW Hemp Extract in MCT contains not only 500mg of CBD per bottle but also incorporates other cannabinoids, such as CBC, CBG, CBN, Amino Acids, Terpenes and Phytonutrients found in our proprietary hemp strains.
  • Charlotte’s Web hemp oil extract contains the highest-quality hemp oil, rich in natural CBD
  • Product price range – $39.99-$299.96

For more information go to


#6 – CBDistillery – Highest Potency Cannabis Oil

If you’re looking for maximum potency CBD oil for pain management, then CBDistillery’s range of tinctures should probably be at the top of your list. They use a 99% pure CBD isolate that customers have used on everything from stress to insomnia to chronic pain.

Moreover, the folks at CBDistillery are renowned as being some of the most passionate, knowledgeable, and honest in the industry; they run a frequently-updated blog on all things CBD, and you can tell simply by perusing their site’s contents that they absolutely LOVE what they do, and are completely transparent and have nothing to hide in either their products or their manufacturing processes.

Be sure to check out their full-range of CBD oils and CBD vape juices at


#7 – Koi CBD: 0% THC, ISO Lab-Certified

Koi CBD prides itself on manufacturing one of the “cleanest” oils in the cannabis industry: a 99+% pure CBD tincture that has full traceability from the start of the manufacturing process (i.e. from the raw cannabis plant) to the finished product. In addition to its ISO Lab Certification status, some of its additional features include:

  • THC-free
  • Hexane and solvent free
  • Pesticides free
  • GMO free
  • Product price range – $29.99 – $99.00

Moreover, Koi has a massive range of products available, and you can choose from their most popular sublingual (under the tongue) CBD oils, to their CBD vape liquids, CBD topicals, edibles, and even CBD treats for pets.

Users have claimed it to be effective for a variety of conditions including chronic pain, anxiety, stress, restless leg syndrome, memory loss, appetite control and mental clarity, just to name a few. One customer even reported using it to help kick a serious Lorazepam (pharmaceutical benzodiazepine) addiction, which literally could prove to be life-saving.

To view Koi Natural’s full range of products and prices, check them out at

#8 – Elixinol – CBD Tincture – Hemp Oil Drops (3600mg CBD)

Elixinol has a wide range of products, but their CBD Tincture does the trick. It’s the cream of the crop regarding CBD oils and that reflects in its price. One dropper (1mg) from the 300 series contains 10mg of CBD. This allows you to get precise amounts of CBD and no guess work is required. Elixinol has received numerous awards for their products and extraction process.

Key Features include:

  • Highest strength tincture
  • Available in Cinnamint & Natural flavor
  • Full-spectrum Cannabinoid extract
  • Organic hemp CO2 extract tincture
  • Products price range ($39-$249)

Want to learn more about Elixinol’s products. Go to

Oh; and don’t forget to use our coupon code: 10off591 if you’re thinking of picking up a bottle.

#9 – NuLeaf Naturals – The World’s Premier CBD Oil Company

NuLeaf is a CBD oil brand that’s been flying under the radar for awhile, but we expect them to take off in popularity really soon, simply going off their prices and the quality of their products.

Why choose NuLeaf over other brands? Don’t take it from us, here’s the reasons that they give:

  • 100% USA-grown: All hemp plants are grown on licensed farms in Colorado
  • Third-Party Verified: Every bottle is subjected to laboratory testing to ensure that it contains the optimal amounts of CBD, and is free of over 200 different pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins
  • Full-Spectrum Extract: While whole plant extracts contain large percentages of CBD, they also contain traces of the other cannabinoids and terpenes, which make them more effective than CBD-only solutions in alleviating both inflammation and pain
  • 100% Natural and Organic: A 100% organic and non-GMO cannabis oil is that is free of additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, and flavors
  • “Green” Extraction Methods: Only CO2 extraction methods are used, so there is no heat to degrade the product or toxic solvents (like butane or hexane) to pollute it
  • Price Range: $38.50 – $439

You can check out NuLeaf’s full range of CBD oils and other CBD products (including their popular full-spectrum CBD oil for pets) at


#10 – VerifiedCBD – The “World’s Finest CBD Products”

Verified CBD has been making seed-to-sale CBD oil in Florida since 2014, yet they’ve stayed a 100% in-house operation over that entire period of time: to this day, the only place you can buy their products is directly through their website. This is a real advantage in today’s market, where it can be super tough trying to distinguish between actual CBD manufacturers, and shady brokers or private labelers.

In any case, Verified CBD makes what they describe to be the “world’s finest CBD products” – while this claim is of course up for debate, there’s no denying that they have earned a deserved spot on this list; all of their products are 100% organic and extracted from fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide-free Kentucky hemp.

In addition to their world-class CBD oils, they offer and a unique range of CBD sprays, and have specifically-formulated products for:

  • Weight loss
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Sleep aid
  • Energy and focus
  • Pain relief

One particular customer, in fact, claimed that within minutes of taking the anti-stress spray, she felt some of her pent-up stress beginning to fade away.

Finally, Verified CBD products consistently test for over 80% purity, which is significantly higher than the industry average of 17-40%. Their consumer statistics have shown that over 70% of buyers end up becoming repeat customers, and you can request a lab certificate with each order that verifies CBD content and purity.

To read more about Verified CBD and browse their complete range of products, check them out at


#11 – CBD Fx: 500-1,000 mg Oil Tincture

Like the #1 Pure Kana oils, these CBD tinctures from CBD Fx are infused into a high-quality MCT oil that allows for the best possible metabolic efficiency. MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, which is slightly different from pure coconut oil in the it eliminates the long-chain fatty acids which are tough and difficult to digest.

CBD Fx’s raw material comes from only the best European, certified organic hemp supply, and all of their products are 100% full-spectrum cannabis meaning they contain terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and other beneficial hemp extracts with no added flavors or ingredients.

Key features of CBD Fx oil drops:

  • Made in USA (from organic European hemp)
  • Contains CBD which has proven anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects
  • Easily digestible MCT oil helps keep your body in ketosis to promote weight loss
  • Price Range: $74.99-$299.99 depending on the potency

Check out more of CBD Fx’s products (including gummies, edibles, and CBD vape oils) at


#12 – MedTerra Med Oil CBD Tinctures

Medterra is all about health. While some companies seem to be more about the “cannabis lifestyle” and creating a brand, these guys pride themselves first and foremost on being experts in hemp-based, whole-body therapy. Their CBD oils and other products are formulated specifically with the purity of cannabis in mind, and are actually made 100% in Kentucky, USA, where some of the nation’s finest raw hemp is grown (they are one of the only manufacturers that we know of that has access to pure Kentucky hemp).

Moreover, their products are 100% all-natural, non-GMO, and contain zero THC. Also, the active compounds are sourced from the entire hemp plant which means you get the rich full-cannabis effects in the CBD (and other natural compounds) after they have been extracted with state of the art CO2 equipment.

Key features of MedTerra CBD oils:

  • 100% seed-to-sale operation based in Kentucky
  • Lab-tested for CBD content and purity
  • Ship internationally (as well as to all 50 U.S. states)
  • Hemp Pilot Research Program partner (meaning the raw hemp source is extracted under Kentucky Department of Agriculture guidelines)
  • Product Price Range: $49.95-$149.95

If you’re main concern in using CBD oil is purity and you actually want to feel the raw, therapeutic effects of cannabis, and also if you would prefer to support a 100% USA-based brand, then Medterra no doubt is a great option. They ship to all 50 U.S. states and sell a full range of CBD products, including gel capsules and a topical pain cream.

Check them out at


#13 – CBD Infusionz – Quality CBD

What makes CBD Infusionz hemp oils unique? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is they make a serious effort to inform the consumer of what CBD and the endocannabinoid system actually is, rather than simply pushing a product down your throat like a lot of other brands do.

This tells us two things: 1) the company is passionate about what they are doing, and 2) they have the knowledge and hands on know-how to make a legitimate, high-quality CBD product. In fact, every product that you purchase from them comes with verified test results so you can see for yourself exactly what’s in the stuff you’re ingesting. There are a lot of brands that claim to offer third-party lab testing, but this is the only company we know of that takes the extra step to actually include the results with every single order.

Also, in addition to their range of concentrated isolates, topical CBD creams, gummies, edibles and lozenges, CBD Infusionz currently offers three different strength oral tinctures (150, 300, and 600 mg) which are infused in high-grade MCT oil for metabolic efficiency and ease-of-digestion.

And of course, these are honestly some of the best cheap CBD oils for sale on the market, at least in our mind. While there are probably brands that are better in terms of therapeutic potency, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better for the same price. If you’ve been wanting to give CBD oil a shot but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on the most expensive brands before even finding out if CBD works for you, this might be a good place to start.

Browse their products to see if you find something that suits your liking:


#14 – DiamondCBD – Pain Master CBD Oil

Diamond CBD is one of those brands that has fully embraced the emerging CBD market, and they offer probably the most exhaustive range of legal cannabidiol products that are available for shipping to all 50 U.S. states.

In addition to their standard CBD hemp oil (which is available in 10 different strengths from 100 mg to 1,500 mg), they also offer a CBD crystal isolate (which can be used to infuse your own CBD concoctions), flavored terpene oils (terpenes are beneficial aromatic compounds from the hemp plant), a premium full-spectrum CBD hemp blend, and other branded products like “Pain Master,” “Chong’s Choice CBD,” and “Relax Extreme CBD.”

The Chong’s Choice label is a premium hemp blend that was created by legendary marijuana activist Tommy Chong. It contains 1,000 mg of infused CBD, and currently sells for $169.99.

The Diamond CBD Pain Master label is actually the signature CBD blend from retired NFL player Lawrence “L.T.” Taylor, who went public not too long ago with his advocacy for the healing capabilities of non-psychoactive hemp. This blend is specifically designed to reduce soreness, muscle and joint pain, and other symptoms of chronic pain.

Diamond CBD also offers an extensive range of other CBD products outside oral tinctures, including:

  • Vape liquids
  • Topical CBD creams and lotions
  • CBD dabs (for maximum potency and pain relief)
  • CBD for pets

Price Range: $39-$169 for the tinctures.

Check out current prices and other signature CBD products at


#15 – CBD Brothers – “The Original Alternative” CBD Oil

CBD Brothers is actually a European brand based out of Suffolk, England. In addition to their range of full-spectrum cannabis CBD oils (which include extracts from various indica, sativa, and hybrid strains), we love them for their community engagement and their undeniable commitment to purity and consumer transparency.

For example they were recently given a “Good Egg” award by BBC radio for their work in helping a local elementary school recover stolen iPads – a clear implication that they are in it for much more than flipping quick profits, which is more than can be said for a lot of other companies out there.

In terms of their actual products, they currently offer six different potencies of oral CBD oils, which range from the inexpensive “Green Edition” (14% CBD extract) to the premium, top-shelf “Black Edition” (30% CBD extract) which is supposed to work wonders on anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.

CBD Brothers make themselves widely available to answer any questions you may have about their product line, which again is a fresh relief from a lot of other “companies” out there who are seemingly impossible to try and get in touch with. You can check them out directly by visiting


#16 – Hemp Bombs CBD – “Bomb” Potency CBD Oils

While most CBD oil products offer up about 5-7 mg of CBD per serving (or even less than that), Hemp Bombs’ max-strength sublingual tinctures provide a massive 60 mg dose in a single dropper. For many people, this will be a more than sufficient amount to help relieve symptoms like generalized anxiety and pain.

Of course, though, they offer less potent oils than that, with a product lineup that ranges from 300 mg CBD per bottle to 4,000 mg. Naturally the 4,000 mg option is the most expensive (this is the one that provides the “bomb” 60 mg dose), as it currently sells for $299. For long-term pain and anxiety relief, though, it may be well worth it if it is effective for you and helps replace your regular meds.

Hemp Bombs is based in Tampa, Florida, and in addition to focusing on the purity and therapeutic effectiveness of their products, are dedicated to establishing themselves as a top brand in the industry with a specific target audience. One of our personal favorite products of theirs is the flavored CBD vape liquids, which are some of the best-tasting CBD vape juices we’ve ever had. Check out all of the available flavors (as well as other high-strength CBD products like gummies, syrups, and “Pain Freezes”)  on the website

Official Website:


#17 – Lazarus Naturals – Unflavored High Potency CBD Tinctures

Lazarus Naturals is another consumer conscious CBD brand that manufactures all of its oils in an in-house, “seed-to-sale” operation. This means that everything from the raw hemp supply to the CBD extraction process, to the bottling and packaging is done by Lazarus employees – the only thing that is third-party is the actual product lab testing (which needs to be done third-party if there’s to be any kind of non-bias).

In addition to being in infused in fractionated coconut oil (another term for metabolic MCT oil), all of Lazarus CBD oils are:

  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Legal in all 50 U.S. states
  • Contain no artificial flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners
  • Price Range for Oils: $15-$75

One of the brand’s biggest claims is their “accessibility” in terms of price, and indeed these are some of the best cheap CBD oils on the market. However, it’s worth pointing out that Lazarus tinctures are not a full-spectrum hemp blend. Rather, they are CBD isolates which mean there is nothing in the blend except for the fractionated coconut oil and the active CBD compound.

Read more about CBD isolates and browse the complete Lazarus product lineup over at (free shipping on all orders over $50, and major discounts available to all veterans and people with disabilities)


#18 – Kat’s Naturals CBD – Organic Hempseed Oil

Kat’s Naturals is a brand that has witnessed some serious success over the course of the last 18 months, with the claim that their CBD oil is “different” from the competition’s.

How is it different, you might ask? Well, for one thing all of their products are made from actual hemp seeds as opposed to the stems and stalks of the plant. It’s well-known that the natural oils secreted from hemp seeds are more nutrient-dense than other parts of the plant, but a lot of companies out there steer clear of using them as a CBD source because it is much easier to extract the raw material from the fibrous stalk and stems.

However, Kat’s Naturals has spared no expense in developing the technology to produce an essential hemp oil that is not only 100% sustainably farmed, but also chock-full of therapeutic quality CBD that is verified in each batch through lab testing.

Their “Best Seller” is far and away Kat’s Naturals Heal CBD, which is a high-potency oral tincture that has been extracted and processed for the specific purpose of providing whole-body/mind therapeutic relief:

  • The blend is extracted with metabolic fats that contain natural Omega-3 and Omega-6 hemp seed fatty acids and linoleic acid
  • It is formulated to help increase immunity, prevent skin aging (you can dilute it and use it topically), and promote heart health

Also, the fat-soluble CBD isolate is utilized in a precision-dose dropper bottle, which allows you to keep track of the exact amount of oil that’s required for therapeutic relief from your specific condition.

Read more about the Heal CBD blend and learn about other Kat’s Naturals products at


#19 – Endoca CBD – 15% Cannabidiol Oil Drops

Endoca is one of the original CBD brands that has been around since before the “cannabis boom” gave rise to dozens upon dozens of shady, unknowledgeable profit seekers. In fact, they’ve been in the business since 2006 – way before most people had even heard about the healing powers of CBD.

This is a small, family-run business with no controlling investors, which means they can focus 100% on their singular mission of “improving CBD production standards, providing industry-leading customer service, and making CBD available to those who can’t afford it.”

Here are a few key features of the unique Endoca CBD oil blend:

  • Sourced from 100% organic, certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) Danish hemp
  • Industry-leading customer care
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction methods
  • Minimum of 15% active cannabidiol (CBD) content per bottle
  • Labels and CBD percentages are guaranteed for accuracy (studies have shown that up to 88% of CBD companies mislabel their products)

Most people don’t know that it is incredibly difficult to earn a GMP certification, and Endoca is in fact the only CBD manufacturer we’re aware of that currently holds a certificate. Read more about the history of the company and browse their product line at to find a CBD oil that will work for you and your condition.


#20 – Bluebird Botanicals – Classic CBD Hemp Oil

Bluebird Botanicals offers three different lines of their unique CBD full-spectrum hemp blend, which is 100% vegan and sourced from a raw GMO-free industrial hemp supply.

The Hemp Classic CBD Oil is their introductory-level product, and is the recommended tincture if you’re either just starting out with hemp oil and want to see how it works, or if you only plan on treating minor conditions like mild to moderate headaches, muscle soreness, or difficulty falling asleep.

The ‘Complete’ and ‘Signature’ blends are more potent, with the Signature tincture providing up to 250 mg of CBD (and other therapeutic cannabinoids) per 1 oz bottle. This blend would likely be a better option if you plan on treating more severe symptoms like anxiety or chronic pain.

Also, these are some of the lowest-priced CBD oils currently on the market, with the Signature blend coming in at just $29.95. We also love the fact that Bluebird offers smaller size options, which is a rarity among the majority of CBD manufacturers.

Their smallest option (which is available in the Classic, Complete, and Signature tinctures) comes in a ⅓ oz bottle, and is available for just $11.95 – a perfect option for someone who wants to give CBD oil a try for the first, but is not ready to drop $50+ on a full size product without even knowing whether it works.

If you do decide to give Bluebird Botanicals a try, they are currently offering a limited time 20% off coupon for all first orders – check out their products online on their official website, and be sure to use the coupon ‘firsttime’ at checkout.

#21 – Fab. CBD Premium Oil Drops

The main thing that is inherently clear when scouting out Fab. CBD (which is a super new brand by the way that only just got started this year), is that they’ve made a pretty serious effort to develop a modern lifestyle brand. If you take a look at their website, everything from the web design to the brand labeling to the text they use screams modern and hip.

What does this mean in terms of the actual quality of their CBD oils? Well, probably nothing to be honest. It does, however, give you extra peace of mind to know that the people behind the brand truly seem to care about their image, and how they market themselves to customers. Moreover, given the quality and consistent science-backed information that’s on their site, it’s pretty evident that they really are the “nerdy, health nut, fitness junkies” that they claim they are.

All of their CBD products are sourced from organically grown Colorado hemp and extracted with pressurized CO2 technology, which is another sign that they’ve spared no expense in manufacturing a top-shelf oil.

In terms of price, they’re just a hair cheaper than the competition, with their 150mg tincture coming in at $39 and the 300mg at $59. They also have a popular 600mg oil, but it is currently sold out in all three flavors (Citrus, Mint, and Natural). In addition to the three CBD oil options, they also sell a 600mg muscle and joint topical cream for $64, and 750mg CBD chews for $54, but those were all sold out as well when we tried to purchase them.

Check out their current stock at

#22 – Plus +CBD Oil Drops – A Division of CV Sciences

Plus CBD Oil advertises their tinctures as being “America’s #1 Choice for CBD Products,” and that’s actually probably not far from the truth. We’re not sure exactly what metrics they used to come up with that claim, but they’re certainly up there with the likes of Pure Kana, Green Roads, and CW Hemp in terms of popularity.

Moreover, they offer a massive selection of CBD products aside from the oil drops, and being that they are an entity of CV Sciences, could perhaps be involved with one of the very first CBD-based FDA approved drugs (they are currently in the preclinical phase for the drug candidate CVSI-007, which is a chewing gum containing nicotine and synthetic CBD designed to support quitting smoking).

What this means in terms of the quality of their CBD oils (and other CBD products), is that you know you’re getting one of the most pure and rigorously tested tinctures on the market – if a brand is going to hold themselves to FDA standards, you can bet that they leave themselves no room for error.

Moreover, what’s even more impressive is their price point; at just $22.95 for their 1 oz (100mg) bottle of Raw CBD Oil drops, we truly believe they offer one of the best values on the market. The price increases to $89.95 for a 2 oz (750mg) flavored tincture, but even still that represents an excellent bargain compared to similar quality products.

Check out CV Science’s ongoing research and Plus +CBD Oil’s complete range of hemp products at

#23 – Mary’s Nutritionals – “The Remedy” Elite Hemp Oil Extract

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD products are 100% established and made in the USA, and they have been in the hemp game since 2015, right before the massive CBD popularity boom.

They’re probably most well-known for their transdermal CBD-infused patches (which you wear on your skin while the CBD is absorbed through the epidermal layer), but their oil extract drops – called “The Remedy” – have been absolute game changers for some in terms of pain-relief. Here’s what one customer had to say about the drops in regard to helping treat her infant son’s autism symptoms:

“My 3.5-year-old son has nonverbal autism … Thank you so much for making this amazing product. It is easy for me to get him to swallow this, as it tastes great. He’s been using it for four months now and we have seen an incredible difference. Thank you.”

The only potential setback, as you’ll see, is the price of Mary Nutritional’s CBD Oils – for a 12.5 mL bottle of the 500mg “Remedy” extract, for example, you’ll have to dish out a handsome $110. Whether or not you can afford to go with these premium CBD extracts is up to you, but if you do decide to try and give them a shot, you can be all but assured it’ll be worth the price.

Check out the Remedy Oil (and other Mary’s Nutritionals products like the CBD Bath Bomb and Elite Gel Pen) at

#24 – 4 Corners Cannabis – “Best Genetic CBD Oil”

Something must be said for the ability of 4 Corners Cannabis to be able to separate themselves so well from the “CBD pack” in terms of originality and uniqueness. As soon as you venture over to their website, you’ll instantly see that they’re not like any other cannabis or hemp-based brand around.

To us, the thing that makes them so unique is their straightforwardness in terms of what they’re actually manufacturing and selling. While a lot of brands market their products as “food additives” or “supplements” for legal purposes, 4 Corners Cannabis has no fear in proclaiming the truth. That is, that they’re offering CBD oils that are the “same grade as medical marijuana, only with THC levels that are low enough to be able to legally ship to all 50 states.”

Moreover, they claim to have been working in actual CBD genetics for over 5 years, which has given them the knowledge on a molecular level to be able to formulate specific CBD tinctures depending on whether you’re aiming for pain relief, mental clarity and focus, or physical strength and energy.

Also, since they are actual growers themselves, they have 100% control over every aspect of production, from the organic cultivation to the finely-tuned cannabinoid extraction process. The only downside is that these are not the cheapest oils on the market – the basic 250mg CBD oil tincture will set you back $60, while the premium 1,000mg Avocado oil runs at a stiff $200.

Check out their full range of products (and read more about their unique genetic process) over at

#25 – Infinite CBD – Single Drop CBD Isolates

You might not be far off in describing Infinite CBD as having an “infinite” variety of CBD products to choose from – they’ve got everything from hemp-infused Asteroid Gummies and Antiseptic soaps, to Pet Drops and CBD “Rocket Ship” Suppositories.

Yes, you read that right — suppositories. Like the things you put “you know where.” Apparently when administered rectally or vaginally, suppositories can provide excellent CBD bioavailability straight to the bloodstream, bypassing the relative inefficiency of the digestive system.

In any regard, though, Infinite CBD has made it here onto this list because of their unique “Single Drop” isolate oils. Unlike most CBD tinctures which are diluted in the carrier oil, Infinite’s “Isolate Droppers” contain (depending on the potency that you get) 0.5, 1, 2, 4 or 8.5 mg of CBD in a single drop. This makes dosing incredibly simple and straightforward, and it allows you to actively monitor how much CBD you actually need to reach maximum efficiency.

Also, they are the only CBD company that we know of that offers terpene extracts from some of the most classic and therapeutically effective cannabis strains of all time. For example you can select terpene profiles from Jack Herer, Harlequin, Pineapple Express, Durban Poison, OG Kush, and several other strains to get that classic flavor of pure, raw cannabis flower. If we to try one brand new CBD oil out for pain relief, it very well might be one of Infinite CBD’s products, as we’ve heard too many incredible things about them to pass them up.

Their Isolate Drops come in strengths of 250mg – 1,000mg, and cost anywhere between $15 and $140, depending on potency.

Check out the complete (or shall we say “infinite”) line of Infinite CBD products over at

Where to Start with CBD for Pain Relief?

We tend not to play favorites but if we had to choose just one, we would check out PureKana
Not only have they managed to help thousands of patients, but their customer support and product is top of the range.

Official Website:
5% Coupon Code: 5OFFCBD1

While the other CBD oil stores have high-quality products, our choice simply came down to variety, potency and price. Whichever you choose to go for, though, know that all of the companies above have an outstanding store and offer a wide range of effective products, from CBD oils to Terps and even CBD creams. Plus, most have a 100% money back guarantee policy, which is quite nice!

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